Dear Mr President!

Today many people around the world pose a lot of pressure on you. You will be asked to fix a lot of problems – from the financial crisis, over the war in Iraq, to things like energy and the climate. I want to wish you good luck on the coming four years. Maybe you would need it.

Some people have said that you will compete with Al Gore on being the crusader of the climate. Good so. All help is needed.

So there will be a lot to do – and many people will tell you what is most important. There will be many difficult considerations. In a little longer perspective, longer than the first quarter or so, climate and energy will be the two most important questions to deal with. If the climate will tip over there will lots of other problems, droughts, climate refugees etc. And if we not solve the energy problem there will be huge economic problems.

Many researchers say that you have to deal with climate and energy already your first 100 days. So how could this possibly be managed?

My humble tip is to relate it all to homeland security. Both climate and energy will affect the security for all countries – including yours. So if you want people to react – tell them that it will influence the security for the US.

Good luck!

PS. If you can manage to lay down that intelligent design is not so intelligent, it would be even better. But that may be to wish to much? DS

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